I’m Brett Hill

Assisted Self-Discovery Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, TEDx Speaker

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Assisted Self-Discovery

Assisted self-discovery is a gentle, yet powerful way to help you quickly gain new insight into why you do what you do, especially relating to  unconscious  ways we create and perpetuate unnecessary suffering.  

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Let’s chat to see if there’s a good fit.  By phone or online. Video chats via Zoom work great for this.  Schedule a time or message me for details.

What Is Assisted Self-Discovery?

Assisted self-discovery is a mindful, somatic approach to helping people explore their shadow as well as their gifts.  The work is “client-centered” and proceeds at a pace you set, exploring content you choose, in a way specifically attuned to your needs, and often realizing benefits much faster than traditional “talk” based processes.  First introduced by Ron Kurtz, creator of the Hakomi method of psychotherapy with whom Brett studied. 

Who Can Benefit?

When you want new insight into “why you do what you do” – exploring gently yet powerfully how you can have a better life- happier and more free of self-limiting behavior – you should call.    Brett specializes in sensitive folk who often identify as artists, creatives / expressive, empathic/intuitive or lightworkers – active or emerging.  Also well suited for scientists, academics, software developers, entrepreneurs  and managers or other professionals.  Brett’s practice does not include ongoing work with compulsive behavior or addictions. 

About Me

I’m on a mission to help people be more whole.  In the early 80s I started studying somatic, mindful approaches to working with people. These techniques form Hakomi and others  seemed like light years ahead of the times. This has proven to be so as neuroscience is now proving out these concepts and mindfulness has  become mainstream.  Influences on my work include Ron Kurtz (Hakomi), Jon Eisman (Hakomi and Re-Creation of the Self),  Amina Knowlan (Matrix Leadership), and others.

I founded the Quest Institute in Dallas and taught meditation for a few years. In addition, I spent several years studying “The Work” as taught by Gurdjieff, whose teachings on body-sensing and multiple “I”s has influenced my work profoundly.

In March, I’m presenting a TEDx talk on Mindfulness, and I host a Meetup in the Bellevue area on “Mindfulness and Presence in Communication.”

Let’s schedule a free getting acquainted meeting online or in-person meeting and explore if we’re a good fit. I hope so. 

  • Brett provided me with simple, yet powerful, tools enabling me to connect deeply with my gifts. I could feel the results the first time I began his practice.

  • Meeting with Brett is amazing. After just a few sessions I feel lighter and fuller. Brett is one of the most caring people that I know and it shows every time we meet. He intuitively knows what I need to hear and helps me discover myself.


  • Brett's gift is his ability to use his deep intuition, mindful presence and vast experience to guide his sessions.


  • The clarity that flows through Brett is both impressive and healing.

  • A joy to have Brett Hill listen, guide me in my discernment about my professional development. His facilitation and presence brought new clarity and deeper personal awareness

    Rev. Dr. Elaine Beth Peresluha - Unitarian Minister

  • He has a warm, generous way of seeing, pausing, and allowing space for the sacred when he is in his brilliance and unique genius... He’s a gift. He sees the gifts in others. ”

    Shelia D

  • Brett is what I call "a natural". He intuitively knows how to help.